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Butcher Bitch and Other Updates

Hi everyone. It’s been a few months since I posted anything. I figured I should give you all some updates. First one, in the previous post, the book Dead Girl got a name change. I changed it to Fifty Shades of Hell. That was strictly a marketing decision. Dead Girl just didn’t seem to be resonating in my pre-release marketing, Fifty Shades of Hell does apply to the actual story plus is just a better known tagline and ended up being a good call. The book is doing quite well which makes me happy. I hope everyone is enjoying it. I’m extremely proud of this book which brings me to my next point.

Country Club Road Rage: Special Edition!

Hey guys!

So road Rage goes LIVE tonight on Amazon. to celebrate, I am selling the special edition covers. These are fully nude 6 x 9 paperback books with beautiful Mel Heflin on the cover. They will all be signed and personalized by me. These are exclusive through me only. They are not for sale anywhere else online or on any stores.

Hacked Again and the Rape Van has arrived!


Hey all! Thought I would check in with some quick updates on Rape Van and Hacked Again.

Rape Van is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. I’m working on getting the audio book done as well. So far the reviews and feedback on Rape Van have been well received. Or, at least as well received as a book called Rape Van can be. Here is the Synopsis:

Country Clubs and Rape Vans


Hey guys! Sorry for the long gap in updates. I keep saying I will do better, but I spend more time updating social media and the website is a bit more tedious to update. That and I don’t blog much as well I don’t think anyone wants to read my mindless ramblings that don’t involve anal rape or cannibalism, so here we are. On to the good stuff!