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My Thoughts on Lynn Shepherd Telling J.K. Rowling to Quit Writing

mystery author Lynn Shepherd
mystery author Lynn Shepherd

This past week the writing world has been in an uproar over this Lynn Shepherd lady doing a blog on Huffington Post saying that J.K. Rowling needs to stop writing if she cares about writing to give newer authors a chance in the market.

Myths About Horror Writers

1.) Horror Writers are dark and/or goths


Not true. I’m not sure where this came from. I know some who are, and there’s nothing wrong with it if there is. Most of us are not. When my wife and I were dating, we went to a Katy Perry concert. Most of us I guess you could say are like serial killers, we walk among the rest of you undetected. But seriously, I’m very ungoth. I do like to wear black, but usually in the form of a t-shirt. I don’t dye my hair black, or wear ALL black or paint my nails or anything else. Most of us don’t.