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Suicide Hotline


My next release is called Suicide Hotline. This one is a collection of short stories, but all with a running theme and they all tie into the larger story. It should I also want to note that this book loosely ties in with The Country Club stories, but also stands on its own. So no need to read those if you’re just picking this book up for the first time. Here is the synopsis:

April Reigns: The Final book in the April Almighty series

book4 (1)

Yes that is right. I just completed the fourth and final book in the April Almighty series. I’ve loved writing these books more than about anything else I’ve ever worked on. But after four books, it was time to bring April’s story to a close. The book is with the editor now and I hope to have it out in a few weeks. Oh yes and beautiful Meghan Chadeayne (Naked Zombie Girl, Lamb Feed) will be gracing this final cover of April Reigns in the most epic cover on any of my books ever!