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New Release: Blood Slayer




Jessica is a 15 year old girl with autism. Her whole life, she has struggled to fit in, and always viewed as helpless. That all changes the night a vampire attacks her. She survives the attack and discovers her autism gives her a special advantage against the deadly creatures. A group of vampire slayers take her in and teaches her to become a slayer.

Myths About Horror Writers

1.) Horror Writers are dark and/or goths


Not true. I’m not sure where this came from. I know some who are, and there’s nothing wrong with it if there is. Most of us are not. When my wife and I were dating, we went to a Katy Perry concert.¬†Most of us I guess you could say are like serial killers, we walk among the rest of you undetected. But seriously, I’m very ungoth. I do like to wear black, but usually in the form of a t-shirt. I don’t dye my hair black, or wear ALL black or paint my nails or anything else. Most of us don’t.