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Author: Author Tim Miller

Turning Humiliation into Motivation


Humiliation. We’ve all felt it at various levels and we all handle it differently. Some forms of humiliation, however feel so devastating, so crippling that you feel like you can’t move forward. Hell, it’s easy to let it get you stuck and start spinning your wheels in one place if you let it. Some people just shrug it off as if it were nothing. I’m not sure how those folks tick but more power to them. Then there are folks like me. We take a slap in the face, we catch it, roll it up and mold it into its own little bullet. We place that bullet into the gun of our lives or career and aim it at our detractors and our goals and FIRE!

The Passing of Gunnar Hansen


So I’m usually not that effected by celebrity deaths. But I will have to say I’m pretty saddened by the death of Gunnar Hansen. I first saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was about 12 years old living in Indiana. The movie had so much mystique surrounding it, I thought I was in the for goriest, wildest ride I could imagine, and it was wild. The movie was insane and I loved every second of it.