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TM (29 of 35)_1Tim Miller has dedicated his life to writing stories that will both scare readers and make them cringe.

Over the years, Tim’s writings have evolved into darker realms. He released his first horror novel, “The Hand of God” in 2011. Since then his books have become progressively more violent and gory. With the release of “Family Night” in 2013, Tim had moved into the world of extreme horror where he continues to push the boundaries of human suffering.

Tim is now an international best seller as well. His book, “Hell, Texas” has recently ranked high on Amazon sales charts since its release in Germany under German publisher, Festa-Verlag.

He continues to climb the sales charts with his April Almighty series, as well as his recent hits, “Hacked” and “Lady Cannibal.”

Tim is very active on social media and loves interacting with his readers. You can find him at his website at


  1. Albert Jones Albert Jones

    I’ve had several of your novels on my wish list for a few months now. I read a lot, at least a dozen novels a month, and Horror is my favourite genre.
    I’m a bit of a late bloomer regarding splatterpunk and extreme horror sub-genre. Grew up ready “cute” horror such as Stephen King, John Saul and such. I still enjoy ready the odd soft horror book to ground myself, but they just don’t “do” it for me any longer.
    Anyway, it was just today that I found your website and started to learn more about you. I’ve read a few previews and it looked like you’re an author I could just kick back with and enjoy the hell out of. As soon as I saw that one of your books was actually banned from Amazon for a while, my interest in your works peaked and I will be buying several of your books and will follow your career more closely.
    Lot of crap, sick, and just plain bad books being sold on Amazon, so for an extreme horror writer to actually have a book banned tells me that you’re doing something right.
    So best wishes, keep us closet sociopaths entertained with cringe-worthy and “fun” novels.
    Albert Jones

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      hey thanks a lot! I really appreciate that! I like to think I’m just some dude on the couch writing sick shit. So yeah I’m pretty down to earth I think and hope to stay that way. I hope you enjoy the rest of the books and thank you again!

  2. Albert Jones Albert Jones

    Holy hell. I read through my post several times, somehow “reading” turned into “ready” twice. If it’s alright with you I’ll blame it on possessed spellcheck and glaucoma rather than illiteracy…don’t want an author thinking he has uneducamted fans…

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      Its all good. Sometimes I reply from my phone or tablet and it reads like a toddler got a hold of my phone.

  3. Chancey Chancey

    I recently joined Kindle Unlimited and have been devouring your books. I’ve been through the entire April Reigns series, Hacked, Road to Darkness, We’re All Mad Here, and Family Night. I am about to start Hell, Texas. As a native Texan, I love the fact that most of your stories take place here. I started reading King when I was in 5th grade, and absolutely love horror. You’re one of my new favorites. I’ll keep reading them as soon as they come out. I’ve also shared your name with my other horror fan friends. You, sir, are an awesome author!

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      Well thank you very much! I appreciate all the support. I’m glad you like each of the books. Nothing is more exciting than hearing people say how much they enjoyed my work!

  4. Violette Violette

    Hi Tim,

    I have been going through your books recently, real page turners! There is something about all the characters, whether good ones or bad ones, that creates an attachment because, at the end of the day, they are all human in some twisted ways.
    I read Hell, Texas yesterday in just one day. I just couldn’t put it down.
    However, there is one thing that I would love to see in your books: A “happy ending”!
    I almost threw my Kindle against the wall at the end of Family Night when the cops finally arrived and you know… (I don’t want to spoil it for other readers who might read that comment) but come on! That being said, I think that’s what I like about your books, they sure create a lot of emotions and a book that leaves the reader out of breath and full of emotions (regardless of the emotion, could be anger for example!) has to be a great book. So, thank you anyway for your work. It’s gross and disgusting most of the time but, what I can say, it works…
    Please, a happy ending, just once!

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      Hello and thank you so much!!! Not all of my books have sad endings lol. Blood Slayer’s is probably the happiest. Hacked and some others have slightly less gloomy endings. I just try to keep the ending both true to the actual story, yet unpredictable at the same time. I’m so happy you enjoy the books though. The feelings you mentioned is exactly what I hope to accomplish each time out. So thank you again.

      • Violette Violette

        Thank for your reply!
        I started Hacked last night – I can’t wait to reach the end now that I know it’s “less gloomy”… We’ll see 🙂

  5. Ruth Ruth

    Hi Tim. I have downloaded a couple of your stories on my kindle. I read Hell, Texas in just a few hours. Couldn’t put it down. I did have to read it during the daylight hours. I am a homesick Texan. My husband’s job has put us in Malaysia. I am currently trying my hand at writing a horror novel myself. Flyers are placed on doors of a high rise condominium complex inviting the residents to be the first to take a tour of an Insane Asylum. Built in 1849 it was abandoned in 1914. It is believed to be haunted. Signing up ensures that the resident will receive a free year of rent. One million dollars broken up into $100 bills are hidden all over the asylum. Who ever collects the most $ will win another million dollars. Of course there will be blood. The first character cuts out her own tongue once she learns she’s eaten human flesh. Were do you get your inspiration for the gory? Got any advice for a newbie writer?

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      Hello and thank you!!! that sounds like a pretty neat story. My biggest advice is to just sit down and pound it out. It might suck at first, but get it all on paper. From there you can go through tweak it, cut it up, add to it, whatever you need to do to make it perfect. For me that is the key is getting it down first and foremost. I hope that helps!

      • Ruth Ruth

        Wow so neat to hear from you thanks! I am defiantly pounding it out. I have a wee laptop and a good ole fashioned spiral notebook I try to write something everyday. It’s difficult not to get in your own head and doubt what you write. Having a overactive imagination does have is drawbacks. I am hoping to convert some of my non-horror fan friends with my soon to be book.

        • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

          I used to do that too. It takes some training yourself to learn to get out of your own way. lol

  6. Annie Annie


    I just discovered your work yesterday and have already voraciously devoured both “Family Night” and “Fertile Fields,” which were delightful and I couldn’t put them down. I’m a grammar nerd, though, so the few typos and wrong tenses used bothered me, though not enough to ruin my enjoyment of the stories. I know how easy it is to become blind to the tiny errors in one’s own work when you’ve written and read draft after draft, and I think a proofreader’s touch would polish your stories up rather nicely.

    I’m a native San Antonian (although currently displaced to Denver), so it’s great to see my beloved hometown get some attention. I just purchased “Hell, Texas,” and look forward to reading the rest of your work. Keep it up; you’re going to go far, Tim!

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      thank you! I thought I approved this already so sorry for the delay. I truly appreciate your comments. As far as the editing, I’m always trying to improve on that. I’m currently going through each of my books and having someone make sure they are edited properly and fix anything that may have been missed.

      thank you again for the kind words. Always great to meet another San Antonian 🙂

  7. Heidi Lucio Heidi Lucio

    Hey Tim, I just finished reading Country Club & it was intense! I have no words to describe it but H*ly SH*T comes to mind! lol…My son will be going to Comic Con in a couple of weeks & I’ve asked him to pick me up a signed copy of Hell, Texas. Being a San Antonio native myself I’m looking forward to getting my hands on that one! Will you be at Comic Con the entire weekend or just that Friday?

  8. Christina Cooper Christina Cooper

    Cannot wait for you to kill me!!

  9. Lori Dennler Lori Dennler

    Are you my “Nacho”?

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      excuse me?

  10. Frank Meyers Frank Meyers

    What happened to the Slender Man Initiative?

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      I should do a post on this as I’m getting a lot of questions. I had gotten sidetracked on the episodes, both with life in general and my regular publishing schedule. Trying to do all of that at once was becoming rather heavy. My goal is to finish the entire store and re-release them in a single volume. I’ll work out some kind of deal or sale so people who have bought all the other ones already don’t have to pay more money for the same things. May just launch the whole collection for .99 at first for a bit or something. Just have to work it out. I Had it mapped out where I wanted to go with it, but the further along I got the less I was liking that direction.

      • Verna Nicole Verna Nicole

        Hi Tim….

        I’ve read most of your stories and they are without a doubt revolting; however, they are highly addictive. Just when I don’t think I can read any further, I discover that I cannot stop reading. I have to turn off the “mental picture” part of my brain as I explore realms that are too depraved to see in my mind’s eye.

        I am writing you about the Slender Man episodes. I live in the city where the “Slender Man” stabbing took place, and my son was a year behind one of the girls at school. (Ironically, I had just discovered Creepypasta a mere month before the horrific attack. ) Are you going to address the brutal attack in one of your episodes, or is it too taboo and too soon?

        • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

          Hello and thank you!!! I really appreciate the kind words and I’m glad you enjoy my writing. As far as Slender Man, I’ve pulled the stories and I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with them. I know the Creepypastas and such, but after digging more into it the copyright on the character of Slender man is a bit murky but it appears someone does in fact own the rights to that character. So for now I took them down and have held off on going any further into it. Not sure if I’ll re-visit it yet in some way as I’ve got several new projects lined up into 2017.

  11. Todd Heavner Todd Heavner

    Hey Tim. I had never heard of you two months ago. I was bored limp with the book I was reading (something by Baldacci), and was browsing Good Reads for something new. I picked up Wade H. Garrett’s “A Glimpse into Hell” series, which I loved. I began searching for similar writers, and your name came up. You’re now one of my favorites. I’ve read close to everything you have available on Amazon. Your stories are just entertaining and fun to read. They always have a good mix of creepiness, gore, humor, violence, action, and fucking disgusting sexual acts, which keep me coming back for more. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the work, and keep them coming.

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      Oh well thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that! Thank you!

  12. Daniel Daniel

    I just found you earlier today through Kindle unlimited. I read psychoville in one sitting and just finished. I absolutely fucking loved it! Thanks! I’ll be reading more! PS. Echo is the shit! Haha

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      oh very cool! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


    Bought 6 books from the San Angelo Comic Com and I am already done with 3 of the 6 I will need to get more soon can I ask will there be another clown book????? The way you ended it I have to now!

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      aww yay! Thank you! Which clown book did you get? There are several 🙂

  14. mark yeo mark yeo

    Hi Tim

    I am a writer just like yourself and your writing I have to say is nothin short of amazing.

    The way in which you write is very much like mine. I too write in the horror genre and love the dark side of writing. I have just got your book Hacked – I haven’t read all the way through it yet BUT I love the way in which you have gripped mean pulled me in. I shall be getting Hacked 2 after I finish writing here. I have only been writing for a year but my writing is casuing a bit of a stir. I would love you to have a look at my writing over on writers cafe..My name on that site isMatrixmark and the title of my book is Unmasking the Insanity. If you don’t wish to pay the site a visit, then no worries- I totally understand.

    I would like to take this opportunity to bid you a good day and wish you all thevery best with your future books.


  15. Jacob Jacob

    Hi Tim, big fan of your work. Always like reading stories where the violence is never turned down, only going higher and higher and more crazier.

    As a fellow writer, where would you recommend to start looking for someone to help get my story published?

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      hey thank you! Glad you enjoy my work! I self publish so I don’t really have any publishing contacts. I highly recommend self publishing if you don’t mind doing some extra work. I go straight through amazon. Just look up Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. On their site it walks you through the process.

  16. Rachel Jameson Rachel Jameson

    I am reading the country club road rage. Is Livia from another book? If so which one I would love to read it! I have read the country club series, rape van, and psychoville. I am trying to figure out where Livia came from

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      hey and thank you!!!

      Livia and Cole show up in Return to Hell Texas 🙂

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      oh and Donny first appears in Spankenstein

      • Rachel Jameson Rachel Jameson

        Thank you! I’m addicted to reading your books!

        • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

          aww thank you! That is awesome!

  17. Aisha Aisha

    Do you have a newsletter?

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      No, you can subscribe to my blog here to the left of the page. That’s the closest thing I have. I used to have one, but it ended up in more spam folders than anything. You can also follow me on Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. I post lots of updates and such there as well.

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