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Butcher Bitch and Other Updates

Hi everyone. It’s been a few months since I posted anything. I figured I should give you all some updates. First one, in the previous post, the book Dead Girl got a name change. I changed it to Fifty Shades of Hell. That was strictly a marketing decision. Dead Girl just didn’t seem to be resonating in my pre-release marketing, Fifty Shades of Hell does apply to the actual story plus is just a better known tagline and ended up being a good call. The book is doing quite well which makes me happy. I hope everyone is enjoying it. I’m extremely proud of this book which brings me to my next point.

Something going forward I’ll start doing with some (not all) future books is string them all together with common threads. Instead of doing more series books, I want to write in the scope of a larger universe with various crossovers and Easter Eggs. I’ve done some of this before, but I have an idea for something I like from Fifty Shades that I want to explore more of in additional stories using familiar characters to do so. I think this will be fun.

Butcher Bitch is due out on March 24th. This one is an incredibly brutal revenge story. If you are in anyway timid when it comes to violence or brutality, please do not bother with this one. There were parts that I had trouble with myself. It’s a good story though, and I’m very proud of it. Also big shout out to my beautiful friend and fellow author B. Bennett for being my cover model on this one.

I’m currently working on a story in my larger universe called Blood Bath. This one about a lady serial killer who bathes in her victims’ blood, but also gets drawn into a dark underworld. Well, darker than her own world already was. My friend, the beautiful cosplayer Dominique Skye is on this cover once again.

That pretty much sums up what I have going on. If you want to pre-order anything, just click the links in the post. I hope everyone has been doing well and is looking forward to spring and summer. I have lots of fun books scheduled to come out the next few months!

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  1. Joe Joe

    can’t wait Tim! I decided to buy all your work from the year at Christmas and get autographed copies. Thank was so cool and I love your comments!

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