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Dead Girl sample chapter


I thought I would do is offer you all a little sneak peak to my upcoming book, Dead Girl. You can pre-order it on Amazon HERE. Link will also be at the end of the chapter:



The old house sat on the corner for years. Dirk had been a real estate agent for two years and could never sell the place. He was lucky if he could show it a few times a year. A few people were curious about it, but mostly curious about what had once happened there.

The home had a sordid history. It reminded him of the Murder House in Season one of “American Horror Story”. Except this hadn’t been a string of murders, it had just been one group mass murder. Details had been sketchy, but there were all kinds of stories about Satanic sex orgies and God knows what else. Dirk didn’t buy any of it. He figured someone got drunk and killed their family. At the root of most haunted house stories, that was the usual cause.

This night, Dirk had a bit to drink himself and decided to check out the place on his own. It was late and dark, so why the hell not. He stumbled down the street and dug out his keys. He kept a set for the place, and opened the house. He walked in and closed the door behind him. The home was relatively well kept for having been abandoned for so long. The property management company had housekeepers come in and tidy up a few times a month to keep the dust and cob webs off the place.

Dirk walked into the empty living room and looked around. He thought about the last couple he showed the house to. They turned out to be a pair of ghost hunters. They broke out their recording devices and equipment right there on the door trying to “hear” the spirits about. Dirk had gone into another room and pounded on the walls. That scared the shit out of them. They figured out soon it was him, before calling him and asshole and storming off. Dirk didn’t care. Not like he’d lost a sale, they weren’t going to buy shit. They just wanted goodies for their YouTube channel.

“Hey ghosts!” he called out. “I’m here! I’m ready for Satan to take my soul”

He took a drink of his beer and stumbled up the stairs. He’d been in the place so many times. There had been more than a few times ghost hunters got caught breaking in. He wished they could set booby traps for idiots like that. The owners never pressed charges though. They didn’t want the publicity of ghost hunters. They just wanted a family to move in and get this place off their books.

Dirk had suggested on more than a few occasions juts razing the place and either selling the land or rebuilding a duplex or something on it, but they said no. This home had historical value. It had been around since Texas was its own country, so it stayed. At the top of the stairs, Dirk wandered into the different empty rooms. He looked in the closets. In the main hall upstairs there was a huge walk in closet. It would have been another bedroom if someone were creative enough.

Looking in the back of the closet, there was a door. Another closet within a closet? This was new. He’d never noticed this before. He opened the door but it revealed a flight of stairs going up. The attic. He always figured the place had an attic, but never thought much of it. He headed up the stairs wondering what he may find. Who knows, and old place like this, maybe he’d find some artifact worth something. Maybe make a few bucks off it.

When he reached the top, there wasn’t much there. Just dark and cob webs. Though there was a trunk in the corner. He walked over and using his cell phone as a flashlight, opened the trunk. There wasn’t much in it. There was an old dress, a hair brush and some jewelry, but none of it looked expensive. Most of it looked like dime store stuff.

“Why are you going through my things?” A woman asked from behind him. The voice scared the shit out of him, but he spun around to see a beautiful young woman standing there wearing a white dress. Her things? Was she a squatter here? He’s had squatters on some of his other properties had them. Was always really embarrassing when you’re showing a home, and there’s a bunch of smelly junkies lying around. Though, it was usually on the crappier houses. Once in a while they show up in nice places.

“Your things? Why are your things here? This is private property?” Dirk said.

“Yes. My home.”

“Your home? What are you talking about?”

She walked over and put a finger on his chest. Her hands were soft and warm.

“This is my home. Did you come with an offering?”

“Look, lady. You don’t live here. I don’t know what offering you…” he stopped when she reached down and began massaging his cock through his jeans. He instantly hardened at her touch.

“Would you offer me this?”

“I—how…I don’t know if we should do this.” She pushed him against the wall and suddenly he felt himself falling. He tried to catch himself, but soon he landed onto a soft mattress. Instead of landing on the dirty floor, he’d landed on a soft and large bed. Looking around, the bed was surrounded by candles. The girl was now straddling him, and she was naked and pulling his clothing off.

The bed was one of the old style ones with four posts around it with and a canopy above. She leaned down and kissed him. He felt electricity burn through his body as her lips touched his. He leaned up and kissed back as she reached down and began massaging his cock. He grew so hard as he throbbed at her strokes. He had no idea how any of this was happening, but wasn’t about to protest now. She pushed him back and licked his neck before nibbling on his ear and whispering.

“Do you offer yourself to me?”

“Do I what?”

“Do you offer yourself to me? All of yourself?” she asked, continuing stroking his cock, her hand twisting around his shaft with each stroke.

“Yes! Yes I offer myself to you.”

“Good,” she said as she sat up. The smile on her face grew larger as a dozen hooks fell from the ceiling. Dirk looked at her confused as she began to laugh. And then he started to scream.

Coming February 2017

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  1. Gillian Gillian

    Absolutely brilliant, seems to suck u right into the story from the start

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      thank you!!

  2. Patience Patience

    I need to read this 😍

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