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Country Club Road Rage: Special Edition!

Hey guys!

So road Rage goes LIVE tonight on Amazon. to celebrate, I am selling the special edition covers. These are fully nude 6 x 9 paperback books with beautiful Mel Heflin on the cover. They will all be signed and personalized by me. These are exclusive through me only. They are not for sale anywhere else online or on any stores.

The cost is 24.99 which includes shipping within the U.S. Orders will be going out in the few weeks. If you are interested, please email me at Here is the edited version of what the covers will look like.

If that isn’t for you, you can still read Road Rage on Amazon for only 2.99 on Kindle or 9.99 for the regular paperback.

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  1. Michael Sobieski Michael Sobieski

    This was a fantastic book. You are definitely turning into my most looked forward to extreme horror novel writer. The country club series is just horrific.

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      well thank you!

  2. Michael Sobieski Michael Sobieski

    Quick question Tim. I have noticed in a Ton of your books, you use the name Colleen Cassidy. Is there any particular reason why? Around the fifth time I saw that name I thought I’d like to ask the author himself.

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      she’s a friend who has supported my writing for a long time. So for fun, I kill her off sometimes in my stories lol

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