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Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well! In case you all missed it, Hacked Again went live this weekend. It is available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback. This is a sequel to Hacked. You don’t have to read Hacked for it to make sense, but you get the most out of it if you’ve read both. Here’s the covers to both in case you missed one of them.



I also have a new book for pre-order called Night Terrors. This will be an extreme but psychological horror as well. So it will fuck with your brain and your appetite. Here is the cover and synopsis.

Lenny used to sleep like a baby, now he can’t sleep at all. What started out as a slew of nightmares, morphed into a real life horror show. At times, standing over him, or moving just out of the corner of his eye. That thing you didn’t think you saw is real. He is the Shadow Man. He’s always there, always watching. You never know when he will appear to tear apart your reality. There is no escape from the Night Terrors. No mercy from the blood he will shed.


Also, The Country Club: Road Rage is live for pre-order. This will be the fourth installment in the country club series. Here is the cover and info on that. The cover once again featuring beautiful Mel Heflin. And I will be doing an exclusive nude paperback with this one also I will be announcing soon. Road Rage will include some crossover with Hell, Texas and some other stories as well. So lots of cameos and easter eggs in there for you to enjoy if you’ve read the other stuff.

Sophie has been through a nightmare. Over the years she had been a part of the horrifying Country Clubs as a victim and a member. Now, they are forcing her to take part in the most dangerous game of them all.

Being teamed up with members of Hell, Texas; Sophie is required to engage in a scavenger hunt from hell. Join her on this ride where The Fast and Furious meets The Purge in a tale where literally no lives matter.


And finally, this will be going live for pre-order soon so keep an eye out. This one is called Dead Girl. Mel Heflin did great on the cover for this one.

Bruce and Karen have finally purchased their dream house, or so they thought. Plagued by visits from the ghost of the beautiful Melissa, Bruce is captivated and can’t stop slipping into the basement to see her. Soon Bruce becomes entangled in Melissa’s web of ecstasy and agony.
When Karen sets out to rescue her husband from Melissa’s grasp, she brings in a psychic and a team of ghost hunters to help her save her husband. The only question is, does he even want to be set free from the grip of the Dead Girl in this tale where The Conjuring meets Fifty Shades and gets punished by Hellraiser?



That’s all I have for now. I know I need to post updates more frequently. Though, it is much easier t catch up with me on Twitter or Facebook. Hope to talk to you all again soon. If I don’t post before then, everyone have an amazing Holiday season!



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  1. JoeE JoeE

    Hacked Again is awesome. I can’t wait to finish it and post a review. I am at the part where Abby just learned who her enemy is 🙂 And Jorge is in a tad bit of difficulty.

    It reads like non-stop thrill ride…and the peripheral characters

    And it does magnify the enjoyment to have read Hacked first 🙂

  2. MichaelG MichaelG

    Hey Tim, this is Michael Goldsmith. We met earlier this year at the Sci-fi Con and later at MonsterCon in San Antonio. I’m finally back from my trips and getting through my backed-up work, so I’ll have more time to read. I can’t wait to get into the “Hacked” books! Looks like some real gorey fun. Talk to you again soon!

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      very cool thank you!

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