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Hacked Again and the Rape Van has arrived!


Hey all! Thought I would check in with some quick updates on Rape Van and Hacked Again.

Rape Van is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. I’m working on getting the audio book done as well. So far the reviews and feedback on Rape Van have been well received. Or, at least as well received as a book called Rape Van can be. Here is the Synopsis:


Andy and Bridget like to travel. Their windowless van is their home. Speeding across the Texas countryside they pick up hitchhikers and weary travelers who see the pair as a nice couple showing southern hospitality. However, Andy and Bridget are not what they seem. In their plain looking van, there is no telling which town they will pass through or who will they pick up next.

Also currently working on Hacked Again which you can pre-order now on Amazon. Hacked Again is a sequel to my book Hacked which came out early in 2015. This one I delve deeper into the characters’ lives and psyche while maintaining the same level of brutality. The cover is above with beautiful and talented model and actress Sasha Snow on the cover. Here is the description:

Several years ago Abby was abducted and tortured by an internet stalker named Rodney. Through her own toughness and strength, she managed to escape. During that escape, she had to fight off and kill Erin, another victim who had no problem trading Abby’s life for her own.
Years later, Abby’s physical wounds have healed but the mental wounds live on.

Now married with a family, she tries to put the horrible ordeal behind her. However, she begins getting text messages and emails from Rodney once again. Problem is, Rodney is dead. Who could be playing games with her? She saw Rodney die…didn’t she? How can Abby keep from getting Hacked Again?

Hacked Again will be my final release of 2016. I do however have a new book coming out in early 2017. I will simply leave that image for you below featuring the always beautiful Mel Heflin.


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