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The Great Clown Scare of 2016


It’s finally reached a point I have to address these clown sightings. I’m not going to go through every article and every report because that would just take too long. People keep sending me these articles because they know my love for scary clowns as well as my stories about clowns. However, it’s not funny anymore.

More and more on social media, I’m seeing people posting about how they will attack or shoot anyone they see dressed as a clown. Even people who are friends are going off passing off this hysteria. The majority of it doesn’t even come from a credible news source. Most are people sharing someone’s facebook status that says “OMG I just got chased by a car full of clowns with hatchets!” then everyone else shares it and suddenly it becomes the truth. It’s true because it’s on social media and thousands of people have seen it, so it has to be true right?


First off, notice how in all of these “sightings” there have been no pictures? I mean in mass shootings, police shootings, fires, hurricanes, people get pictures. I can understand to a point. You’re afraid a big scary clown is chasing you so you don’t take out your phone. But now there are dozens of sightings in multiple states. Some in pretty remote areas. And no one anywhere has gotten a picture? This alone makes me think this is some crazy hoax. A hoax started by people making false reports.

A few people have already admitted to making false reports. Now we got these bogus Facebook accounts making threats against schools. Schools going on lockdown over threats and all sorts of other madness. Now yes some have jumped on the bandwagon and have been out dressing as clowns trying to scare people. But let’s note a few things. No one has been killed, no one has been injured, no clowns have raped anyone or broken into any homes. Not one single verifiable report of any serious crime committed. Let’s not forget, THERE ARE NO FUCKING PICTURES.


Seriously, there are more photos of bigfoot than any of these killer clowns. Once again, people get photos of literally anything and everything. There is just no way in the world there would be this many supposed sightings without one single photo. Oh but they always describe the clown to where they look like Pennywise. Go figure, the most famous clown in pop culture next to Ronald McDonald. This whole thing concerns me for a variety of reasons. The biggest is safety. I have a lot of friends who cosplay as clowns year round. Some go to comic and horror conventions. This time of year they work at haunted houses or they go out around town and take various pictures in costume to post online. Yet it scares me that one of them may be shot, hurt or killed for nothing more than walking around or being out in public in their costume.


Let’s all calm down folks. First off, most of you aren’t THAT scared of clowns. Sure they are creepy but until recently people barely mentioned clowns. I’ve been writing clown stories since 2014 with “Welcome to Happytown” and sure people said “oooh those were scary!” it wasn’t near the reaction we are seeing now. But in the past few months you’ve had Rob Zombie release his movie with his not very clowny clowns, 31. Plus all the pre-production photos and article’s about Stephen King’s IT remake with pictures of Pennywise the clown. Let alone we’re in Halloween season. So put all that in with social media and you have a mob mentality.


It’s quite dumbfounding honestly. I’ve been shocked and surprised at people I’ve seen who I thought were otherwise intelligent railing on and on about clowns running around raping and killing children. Yet there is no documented case in any of this. The fact is, in almost all of these cases, they were either hoax reports, or the threat itself was a hoax. Please, everyone. Calm. The. Fuck. Down. Or someone will get hurt. And then no one will be laughing.



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  1. Lisa Swearengin Lisa Swearengin

    I agree, Tim…this is wayyyyy out of hand. People are stupid. Grow up , folks…get a grip!

  2. Kevin Rockhead Kevin Rockhead

    An intelligent, logical, articulate and will-written article. I know that something like 40% of adults are apparently scared of clowns. Even if that figure is accurate, it is the threats of violence with people commenting that they will shoot anyone in a clown costume that is most disturbing.

    I’m fortunate enough to live in the UK where gun culture does not exist. However, the thought of people being shot for cosplaying is genuinely worrying.

    Some commentators have stated that the clowns are breaking the law by wearing masks in public. However, that law was originally brought in to combat the KKK. Also, I don’t remember people bringing up that law when loads of people were running around dressed up as Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens.

    I just don’t understand where the mob mentality of clown = kidnapper/murderer/paedophile comes from. Surely a few isolated and unsubstantiated reports aren’t enough to make people THAT paranoid

  3. Clowney Clowney

    Off topic but is that picture on top a sequel for clown night?

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      no, just another picture I took in the same set. Kind of a promo pic for Clown Night

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