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Clown Night is Coming!


Hey all, sorry again for the lack of updates. I know many of you subscribe to email notifications, so I don’t want to spam by too many updates. Best way to follow my daily happenings is through my Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Clown Night is now finished and will go live on Kindle on October 1st. It is currently live in paperback on Amazon and other outlets. This one is NOT directly related to my previous clown books. In a nutshell, this is a serial killer who finds a clown mask and wears it to kill his victims while live-streaming their deaths over the internet.

RapevanI’m currently at work on Rape Van which should be out in November, then the sequel to Hacked called Hacked Again featuring Sasha Snow on the cover should be out in December. So some good holiday reading for everyone.  Hope you all enjoy the upcoming stories and I got some good ideas for some books in 2017.


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  1. massimiliano foschi massimiliano foschi

    hello Tim, what about the sequel of clown night. i wonder what of treatment did you have reserved for ranger Claire Sanchez…
    ps. i enjoy so much policewomen and female officers meet their fate…you understand what i mean lol…

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      Thank you! Not sure yet on a sequel. Clown night is loosely tied in with the April series and Clown Apocalypse. I have a sequel to the Country Club books coming out in January then a sequel to NecroWitch in 2017 coming also.

  2. Annamarie Annamarie

    ” Clown Night ” was a really good book (I’m pleasantly surprised!) I reallise you have published many books and I would love to be able to give it a good review on Amazon but for some reason I can not…..
    Keep on writing…
    P.S. you should think about writing about deranged hillbillies ! I’m from West Virginia so I have a ” first hand knowledge” ( not from my own family of course) but I would be delighted to give you some ideas and some STRANGER TRUTHS you might want to explore!

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      Thank you!! That’s strange amazon won’t let you review it 🙁 Hopefully they fix it soon.

      I’ve written several books with Texas rednecks torturing people, Hell Texas and Dead to Writes to name a couple. Never though of West Virginia as I’ve never been there.

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