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Country Clubs and Rape Vans


Hey guys! Sorry for the long gap in updates. I keep saying I will do better, but I spend more time updating social media and the website is a bit more tedious to update. That and I don’t blog much as well I don’t think anyone wants to read my mindless ramblings that don’t involve anal rape or cannibalism, so here we are. On to the good stuff!

The Country Club: Ladies’ Night is now live on Amazon! It went live on Friday. It is also on Kindle Unlimited and once again has beautiful Mel Heflin on the cover. So you all know it ties in with the first Country Club book AND Suicide Hotline. So if you’d like to read them in order, they go like this:

The Country Club


Suicide Hotline


The Country Club: Ladies’ Night


Just click the link on each title to go straight to Amazon to check them out. They are also in paperback too and Ladies’ night will be in audio book as soon as I can.

Also now for pre-order is my next project called Rape Van.


Yes it is about exactly what it sounds like. Rape Van started as a short story for an upcoming anthology it will be appearing in for Sinister Horror Company. I will be expanding it later this year into a full novel or novella or whatever you want to call it. My usual length stories. This one is brutal as hell.

In between all of this, I’m currently working on Clown Night.


Clown Night is totally different than any of my previous clown related stories. That’s me on the cover by the way. I had bought a mask from a Facebook friend of mine who goes by MadMaskMan and snapped some photos. One of my friends did an awesome edit for it and it was so good I had to put it on a cover. So I can add book cover model to my list of achievements. Go me!

Anyway, that is all for now. Halloween will be coming up soon so I hope to have more gross and scary shit for everyone. Stay tuned! Remember if you’re not already, follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the most current shenanigans.

Til next time!


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