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Suicide Hotline


My next release is called Suicide Hotline. This one is a collection of short stories, but all with a running theme and they all tie into the larger story. It should I also want to note that this book loosely ties in with The Country Club stories, but also stands on its own. So no need to read those if you’re just picking this book up for the first time. Here is the synopsis:


The Suicide Hotline is a dark web site that specializes in assisted suicide. Except not your typical suicides. The Hotline is for cowards who want to go out with a bang. Backed by a team of skilled mercenaries, the Suicide Hotline will send you into one of a variety of locations including schools, workplaces or hospitals.

Once the carnage has been unleashed, one of the operators will take your life allowing you to go down in infamy as the “lone gunman.” Follow this collection of stories from various perspectives of a group of poor souls and their very own personal suicides.

I also want to note that I began writing this book several months ago, well before some recent events took place. I had debated whether or not to continue with this, but decided to move forward with it. This story is a play on many conspiracy theories I’ve read over the years regarding mass shootings and similar events. As a horror author, my job is to push people’s buttons and make people cringe. I feel this story is every bit as cringe worthy as many of my other books.  Suicide Hotline is currently available for pre-order and will be live on Kindle and Paperback sometime in July 2016. 

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