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New Anthologies!


Hey guys, been behind on updates so here is what we got so far.

My fan fiction anthology, Readers Sharing Nightmares went live last week. All proceeds from that collection goes to benefit the Semper Fi Fund. So please go check it out. It’s only .99 so a great deal for some great stories.

I also have gathered a group of author friends, Bonny Capps, Shaun Hupp, Delphine Quinn and Peggy Howes for a new collection, a Gathering of Gore. Once again the lovely Mel Heflin is on the cover. The stories I’ve seen for this one are crazy. I will have several stories in here as well including my short story Spiders in the Sky and my new one Panic Attack which will probably give you one.


NecroWitch is almost finished and should by out by mid-late June.


The release date for Gore is set for August but will probably be out in ebook and paperback much sooner. So that’s all I got for now. More stuff in the works. I try to update more often, but things get away from me. Thank you everyone!



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