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NecroWitch is Coming!


That’s right! My next release (After Return To Hell Texas) just went live for pre-order. That book is called NecroWitch!

Here is the description:

Sable Reyes is a witch, but not just any old witch. She has the gruesome ability to speak to the dead by manipulating organs. Living on her own she must do what she can to survive. Often that involves using her gruesome form of necromancy to get information for whomever can pay her price.
That is until another crime boss comes along. This one with an ability so powerful and frightening even Sable may have met her match. As the bodies pile up, these dark powerhouses head on a collision course that could lead to their mutual destruction.


You can pre-order NecroWitch on Amazon exclusively. It is set for release on June 30th, 2016.

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  1. Joe Elliott Joe Elliott

    Sounds awesome…nothing is better than a bitch fight…I mean a witch fight…or a bitch witch and NecroWitch fight YEAH !

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