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My Review of Batman vs. Superman



I am not an actual reviewer, just a fan, but as a huge fan of Batman, I had to write a review for this film. Mind you as a kid and young adult I read Batman comics all the time. Over the past fifteen years or so I’ve not kept up as much with the comics.

Ok so just saw Batman vs. Superman. It was ok. The first half I honestly didn’t know what the fuck was going on most of the time. The very opening scenes were right out of the Dark Knight films but I also know they drew from some of the same source material so perhaps that is why.


The 9/11 type scenes were well done. Made the Man of Steel battle more human and showed the consequences of super heroes trashing entire cities from the ground and at that point I pretty much hated Superman.

From there the first half was disjointed, bounced around and toggled between dreams, flashbacks, and attempts at laying the story groundwork which was just confusing.

The film over all had pretty much zero points of levity or humor at all minus one or two lines. I enjoyed the movie but some comic relief here and there would have been nice.

The Batmobile looked like a stripped down version of the Tumbler from the Dark Knight films. Over all there was little to no emphasis on his gadgets which I kind of missed.


Once the action started I really enjoyed it. I thought Batfleck did a solid job as Batman and I was skeptical at first. *****MILD MILD SPOILER NEXT*******

I fucking LOVED seeing Batman kick the loving shit out of Superman. I wish it had gone on longer.

I did love how Batman fought in this. He’s never moved or fought the way he does in this in the other films. Once again, I wished there was more of Batman kicking the shit out of people.


I loved when Wonder Woman showed up and really liked her theme music.


From there it was good, the ending was ok, felt like the end kind of kept going. Right when you think its over it keeps going. Then it ended. I have an idea where they are going with it, so I’ll leave it at that.

I don’t now nor have I ever cared for Henry Cavill as Superman. He’s got the personality of a brick and his facial expressions show as much. It’s not all him either, its how they write the character. He’s not just the man of steel but he’s kind of a lump of steel.


Oh, and I had no idea Lauren Cohan (Maggie from The Walking Dead) played Martha Wayne in a flashback. Special treat for me.

My final thought I think this would have been better as two films. Have Batman and Superman fight it out in this one and bring in Doomsday at the very end to set up Part 2. As it was, I liked it but it could have been better, too much happening and too overstuffed. So it was ok, not bad but not great. I’m looking forward to Suicide Squad.

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  1. This one’s getting pretty much universally panned. Have you seen the “sad Affleck” clip? It’s pretty damn funny.

    I don’t mind superhero movies, but they lost me when they remade the Spiderman films, which I loved. I’ll stick with Thor.

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      yeah I saw that lol. Spiderman was Sony films but yeah I get it new generations so do the new takes on them. I didn’t mind the the first Spidey reboot, the 2nd wasn’t very good. I love Batman so I’d like to just see a stand alone batman film without all the other crap squeezed in.

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