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To Repeat or Explore?


First things first. My new book, “Twisted Fairy Tales” is live today on Amazon. It is a short story collection of my take on some classic fairy tales. Except I take them and fuck them all up into really sick and bizarre shit. So if you like sick and bizarre, this is right up your alley!

Ok, now that that is out of the way I wanted to unload some things that have been on my mind. I don’t use this site to blog much. Maybe I need to get back to doing that. If you guys like reading more blogs and articles from me, I’ll be happy to do it. Lately I’ve thought a lot about what direction my writing is going in, or where I should take it.

psychoI love extreme horror. I always will and I will never not write extreme horror. Thing is, extreme horror means something a little different to everyone. Some of my books that have sold the best have been my most brutal. “Hell, Texas”, “Dollhouse”, “Hacked”, and “Psychoville”, to name a few. In between many of my books aren’t any less brutal just different in tone.

“Spankenstein” for example was a blast to write, and it has some incredibly brutal scenes in it. However there are a lot more comedic elements to it. I think the comedy makes the gore that much more jarring. That’s how it’s intended anyway.

Fact is, as a full time author this is my dilemma. Writing pays my bills and takes care of my family. I’m not wealthy by any stretch. Not even close. But I am fortunate enough thanks to all of you to do what I love for a living. So here is my dilemma. Often when I do different things, I inadvertently upset or turn off some long time fans. Trust me, that is never my intention at all.

aliencoverAs a writer, I try to be creative, write new things and mix things up. I’m currently working on “Alien Bounty Hunter” which is about a kick ass female bounty hunter in space. Lots and lots of gore in this one with both aliens and humans. It’s just all in space. I enjoy some sci-fi from time to time and thought it would be fun to write a sci-fi story. so this is it. Whether people will like it or not?  I have no idea.

I’ve had people who totally love my fairy tale stories while others loathe them. So what is an author to do? I know some authors who make a lot more money than I do who crank out similar or identical books over and over and people buy them like crazy. I suppose I could do that. I could just keep doing road trip gone bad stories with travelers being systematically tortured by rednecks. As it stands, some of my ideas coming up include:

NecroWitch about a dominatrix who is also a witch AND a necromancer. She can manipulate the living and torture the dead. Thought this would be a fun story that can be dark, gory and sexy.

hotlinecoverSuicide Hotline about a dark web site where people contemplating suicide call them to set up their own death in a way that will send them out with a “bang.” Once again slightly different. May even border on a crime thriller but I intend to have some gore in that one. We’ll see how it shakes out.

As you can see, this is my dilemma. Some of these ideas seem pretty new. Or new to me at least. Yet I want to make readers happy. I don’t just write for money but that is what allows me to keep writing. I hope everyone realizes anything I do different isn’t meant to slight anyone. I try to come up with fun new things that everyone will enjoy, but I know everyone won’t. My goal is to keep stories fresh and exciting. Sure, I might revisit certain themes or ideas from time to time (like the road trips) but then do something totally off the wall.

So to all of my friends out there, feel free to comment or email me privately on your thoughts on what you’d like to see going forward. I don’t mean story ideas. I can’t follow up on someone else’s story. But what types of stories do you want? Do you like the current trajectory I am on or would you like to see me head into a darker more brutal place?

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  1. As you’ve mentioned in your post, you can’t make everyone happy. I think you have to keep writing what you love, and trust the readers will follow. Maybe some of your long-time readers will wander away for a while, but they’ll be back. And there’s always new ones who will love what you’re doing now.

    I’ve also noticed the formulaic book trend, and it disturbs me. When you read the Goodreads and Amazon reviews for those books, even the people who are most fanatical about them hate themselves for reading those books and are well aware of the issues. I personally follow a series like that, but only because I love the author’s voice.

    Obviously you’re doing something right, Tim. Trust your gut. (Or bloody slimy intestines, in your case.)

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      well thank you! I think I’m concluding that some kind of mix may be best. Do occasional “road trip gone bad” or “torture house” type stories mixed in with my more adventurous ones and alternate them. If I release too many wild ideas in a row I risk turning people off. If I do too much of the same in a row I risk the same. Mix it up a bit and hopefully draw new people in while staying loyal to my base.

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      well thank you so much! I also have a great group of readers. If I float out there questions about what they’d like to see from me, I try to take in all the feedback and move forward accordingly.

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