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New Releases and Other Updates

Hey everyone! Sorry its been so dead here. I’ve been busy with a wide variety of things. Including some new releases. For those of you who had missed it, my newest book Spankenstein is now live.


Donny Spanks is a troubled man. Obsessed with his favorite actress, he sets out to create the perfect woman in her likeness. Using knowledge gained from watching crime shows on T.V. his first few attempts resulted in near disaster; however, he is able to refine his methods which are extremely barbaric. Through trial and error he kidnaps women and removes the parts he needs in order to piece them together into the perfect human jigsaw puzzle.

You can order Spankenstein on Amazon on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. 



In other news, some of you may remember a year ago or so I released We’re All Mad Here and then later Big Bad Wolf. Well, finally I’ve completed several other demented fairy tales with my own extreme horror spin on them and put them together in one collection.



In this exciting collection of short stories, Tim Miller gives his own extreme twist on some classic fairy tales. Forget what you thought of the originals and fasten your seatbelts for a set of fast paced tales that will blow your mind and turn your stomach. Included are Tim’s variations of:

Alice in Wonderland
Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast


You can pre-order Twisted Fairy Tales on Amazon as well. It will go live in mid to late March.

Finally, I’m putting the finishing touches on my first ever Sci-Fi/horror story. This one will have all the same gore, death and mayhem my books are known for, except will be set in space! The book is titled Alien Bounty Hunter.

aliencoverKayla Masters is the most skilled bounty hunter in the galaxy. After being attacked by a group of pirates and left for dead, she recovers but is permanently disfigured. Kayla sets out for revenge while trying to avoid the evil Regime which rules with an iron fist. While on her quest, she learns the motives behind her attack. The stakes have never been higher for Kayla but she will have her vengeance in this extreme horror/sci-fi tale.

You can pre-order Alien Bounty Hunter on Amazon. This is set to release mid-late April.


From there I have several more fun stories in the works including a witch/dominatrix and a haunted house story as only I can tell it! Once again, follow me on my social media links to the left of the page to keep up with the rest of my shenanigans. Thank you again everyone for being so amazing!


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  1. Kat khaysavang Kat khaysavang

    Loved the book. Hoping for a sequel! Love all your books!

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      well thank you!

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