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Join the Tim Miller Fan Fiction Anthology!


Horror Author Tim Miller

Fan Fiction Anthology


Submission Guidelines


  • This is an opportunity for NEW authors only. No previously published works. Please don’t try to sneak things in using a pen name. The goal here is to give previously unpublished authors a chance to shine.
  • Must use characters and worlds that appear in ANY of Tim Miller’s books EXCEPT for the Slender Man stories. Please no Slender Man or Creepy Pastas. They will be rejected. Anything else is fair game, April Almighty, Pastor Charlie, Mad Maxwell, lots to choose from. Go crazy.
  • The authors retain the rights to their stories but all characters and worlds created remain the intellectual property of Tim Miller. What does this mean? It means you can submit it as is to this anthology only. If you wish to publish it anywhere else, change the names, places (i.e. Browneye, Texas; Hell, Texas, etc) and so forth to your own creations and it is now your own story.
  • Compensation: This is a charitable project. All proceeds will be going to The Semper Fi Fund. You will however get a publishing credit and the book will be for sale on Amazon.
  • Submissions are open to writers of all ages.
  • Submission deadlines are March 1st. Send all submissions to Include your name, email address, title of story and the characters you are using. In the subject line put “Fan Fic Submission” so I know what it is. Submit stories only in Word format. Word count limit is 5000 words. No minimum word count.
  • You are allowed to mix and match worlds. So you could have Pastor Charlie meets April or whatever you want to do.
  • Have Fun!
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  1. Deborah Gallatin Deborah Gallatin

    Fan Fiction will be an awesome chance for me to let my creepy, twisted side runaway (on paper at least!). The fact that the proceeds will all be going to The Semper Fi Fund just makes it more incredibly fantastic! Thank you Tim Miller for this wonderful opportunity. I love your books, Hell,Texas being one of my favorites.

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      Thank you! I look forward to reading what you come up with!

  2. Joe Elliott Joe Elliott

    Any chance you will do a fan fiction anthology again some day?

    • Author Tim Miller Author Tim Miller

      I’m not sure yet. Still going through the ones I got for this one and then have to edit them and such. So we’ll see how it goes with this one.

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